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Maria got a job

We received excellent feedback yesterday from Maria, whose goal was classic Make It Happen … she wanted to get a job.

At her initial intake, she set a target date of May 16.  And guess what, dear readers?  She got a job on the 16th that she says has now turned into many more jobs.  She’s still looking for more freelance work, rewriting resumes, updating her portfolio and networking.  But as Maria says in her feedback postcard, “Kind of freaky I got a job on that day.”

We salute you, Maria! Make it happen!

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Make It Happen 2

The Make It Happen team officially announces its next iteration:  We will be holding Office Hours at the Lost Horizon Night Market on the evening of Saturday May 8, 2010.  The Lost Horizon Night Market is an evening of brilliant and strange things that occurs periodically in an undisclosed location.

Please email the Make It Happen facilitators  and we will inform you of the time and location.

Extremely special commemorative talismanic objects will be provided to any and all former Make It Happen clients who joins us on May 8.

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