About Make it Happen

Dream. Commit. Achieve.

Are you having trouble achieving your goals?  Do you have big dreams, but lack the tools to achieve them?  The experts of Make It Happen are here to help!  We are an office, workshop, laboratory, performance, ritual experience.  Our facilitators provide advice and motivation so that you can articulate your dream, commit to it, and achieve it.

Make It Happen is the work of artists Tracy Gilman, Lauren Silberman, and researcher-writer David Schleifer.  MIH emerged from the three collaborators’ realization that the ability to achieve our goals and dreams lies within ourselves.  Facilitators Gilman, Silberman, Schleifer and their associates aim to help each client tap into and utilize the tools they already possess to achieve their dreams.

No more fear.  No more procrastinating: Make it Happen.