Thanks for Making It Happen, again!

We couldn’t be happier with the turnout at Saturday’s Lost Horizon Night Market.  So many of you wanted to and did Make It Happen! The Make It Happen mobile unit was packed all night.  Some of things you wanted to make happen were:

  • become a professional soccer player
  • finish an art piece
  • find your purpose in life
  • fabricate an electronic box so you can drop ping pong balls on your head via remote control
  • make a career out of your jewelry design business
  • travel back in time
  • decide whether or not to get divorced
  • secure funding for the publication of a magazine
  • have a passionate love affair

These are just a few of the things that you want to make happen and the facilitators are thrilled that you came out to participate and share your goals and dreams with us.

We’d also like to welcome and thank two new members to the Make It Happen team.  Jonah and Rez – way to make it happen!

Here are some pictures that resident facilitator Lauren took in the midst of Making it Happen.  If you have any pictures/sentiments/complaints/praise you’d like to share with us, you know the three magic words…

David in the MIH mobil unit. Look at all those folks waiting to Make It Happen!

Make It Happen, Rez!

Make It Happen, Jonah!

Facilitator Lauren is always prepared.

What are people making happen in all those trucks?

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One response to “Thanks for Making It Happen, again!

  1. Vanessa Paulsen

    you guys did an awesome job with the truck! and you inspired me to make it happen with my own truck 🙂 thank you Team MIH!

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