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We knew her way back when…

More fantastic feedback today from Dani Tersini, a singer who came to the Make It Happen truck at the night market.   She reminds us in her postcard that her goal was, no IS to make A BAND happen.

Dani reports that she is in the midst of making it happen by contacting musicians, making connections, using craigslist, word of mouth, auditioning and networking at shows.

If, no WHEN Dani becomes famous and plays Madison Square Garden, we will be able to say that we knew her when she started.  Link here to some of her music. Or try listening here

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Maria got a job

We received excellent feedback yesterday from Maria, whose goal was classic Make It Happen … she wanted to get a job.

At her initial intake, she set a target date of May 16.  And guess what, dear readers?  She got a job on the 16th that she says has now turned into many more jobs.  She’s still looking for more freelance work, rewriting resumes, updating her portfolio and networking.  But as Maria says in her feedback postcard, “Kind of freaky I got a job on that day.”

We salute you, Maria! Make it happen!

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satisfied customers make it work!

The Make It Happen nerve center received exciting news from Wayne, an MIH client who made it happen.  Wayne writes:

“… my participation in MIH had everything to do with that job offer coming through!  What MIH taught me, after all, is that sometimes in order to “make” things happen, all we really need to do is stand by and let them happen which, thanks to the kind and able assistance of the MIH facilitators, is exactly what I did.”

Wayne, we salute you with this stolen image … work!

Be like Wayne … join Make It Happen at the Lost Horizon Night Market on Saturday May 8.  Contact us for details.

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did you make it happen? please explain:

Make it Happen clients will soon receive the contracts that they filled out at Flux Factory on February 19, 2010.

To better serve our clients, we kindly request that you complete and return the enclosed postcard survey, which asks if you:

a) Made it Happen

b) Are in the midst of making it happen.


c) Have not made it happen.

If you wish to elaborate further on how your participation in Make it Happen™ contributed to achieving your dream, if you wish to tell us more about how you are currently engaged in fulfilling your commitment to Make it Happen™, or if you care to discuss why did you not achieve your dream, please elaborate in the comments area below or email us at

Make it Happen

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