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two tickets to takashi

Feedback today from Make It Happen client Takashi.  His dream was to move to the West Coast by April 2019.  Sounds like he gave himself plenty of time in which to make it happen. So far, there has not been much progress.

Takashi writes:

“This gave me physical, mental, or any opportunity to think about this dream more seriously.  Why West?  Is good point to think again.”

I can’t tell if Takashi is questioning his desire to move west, or if he’s just ready to chew it over some more.  Didn’t Lao Zi, Taoist extraordinaire, go west on the back of an ox?  Maybe Takashi needs to consider finding a willing bovine.

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news from planet bua

Feedback today from Make It Happen client Matt.  Matt’s dream was to make “all is love” happen in the “not too distant future.”

As of August 5, 2010, Matt reports he is in the midst of making it happen.

He writes

Once the “Make it Happen” team clearly explained what the quantum guys and the Eastern mystics were/are talking about — All is nothing by vibrations, etc — I was able to let the past and future be content-like.  Thanks, Matt.

May the force be with you, Matt.

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did you make it happen? please explain:

Make it Happen clients will soon receive the contracts that they filled out at Flux Factory on February 19, 2010.

To better serve our clients, we kindly request that you complete and return the enclosed postcard survey, which asks if you:

a) Made it Happen

b) Are in the midst of making it happen.


c) Have not made it happen.

If you wish to elaborate further on how your participation in Make it Happen™ contributed to achieving your dream, if you wish to tell us more about how you are currently engaged in fulfilling your commitment to Make it Happen™, or if you care to discuss why did you not achieve your dream, please elaborate in the comments area below or email us at  MakeItHappen.TM@gmail.com.

Make it Happen

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Not entirely satisfied clients Make It Happen!

The lovely and brilliant Joann of UpDownAcross addressed and assessed what happened when she did not make love happen on Friday night.

“I didn’t make it happen, nowhere close…”

Can not making it happen count as making it happen?  Make It Happen has yet to develop a position on not making it happen.  But like Samuel Beckett, we suspect there may be value in failing a few times.   It’s a great way to warm up to making it happen later.  As the playwright wrote, “No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”  Make It Happen counsels patience and persistence in all endeavors.  We remain confident in Joann’s ability to make it happen.  Also, we look great in her pictures.

Please draw inspiration from a bust of Samuel Beckett made out of fimo clay.  Way to make it happen.

Fimo Samuel Beckett by Jutta @ flickr.

No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

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Dream. Commit. Achieve.

Are you having trouble achieving your goals?  Do you have big dreams, but lack the tools to reach them?  The experts of Make It Happen are here to help!  We are creating a home office/workshop/laboratory that provides you with the advice and the necessary tools to make that one thing happen in your life that you have been fantasizing about. No more procrastinating: Make it Happen.

Visit our workshop at Flux Factory on February 19th from 8pm until 12 am.  Flux Factory is located at 39-21 39th Street in Long Island City, New York.

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