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we love you too, kevin! and you too, oriana!

And we’re pretty fond of Oriana, who interviewed one of the Lost Horizon Night Market masterminds, Kevin Balktick, on her blog Brooklyn Spaces.

Kevin tells Ariana that he found Make It Happen to be one of the most memorable trucks at the Lost Horizon Night Market.  Read the whole interview at http://brooklyn-spaces.com/2011/05/lost-horizon-night-market/

While we didn’t bring our Make It Happen talents to the most recent night market, its always possible that we will make it happen at the next one.  Meanwhile, I just signed up to volunteer at an art happening that will involve lots of interaction with perfect strangers, for an exhibition by a big white museum that shall remain nameless but that arguably resembles a giant white toilet.  They’re looking for more volunteers, so email me if you’re interested.

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the swedish dance history is happening now

Make It Happen is participating in the 2010 edition of The Swedish Dance History.  Its a book, it is not particularly Swedish or historical, but it does take a broad view of dance.  This includes what we do at Make It Happen and what our clients do when they make it happen.

We’ve given them a list of our former clients’ dreams, goals, and achievements, which will be published in the 2010 edition of The Swedish Dance History.  (Without any clients’ names, of course!)   And in awesome MIH style, the editors and publishers of The Swedish Dance History put the entire book together in one day at ImPulz Tanz, aka the Vienna International Dance Festival.

Check out this great video of them making last year’s book happen at ImPulz Tanz, which I believe has a shiny silver cover.

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spilLover in the square in the NYTimes

Fyi, Josephine Decker’s SpilLover In The Square is covered in the CityRoom blog of the  New York Times.  See


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SpilLover In The Square

We met Make It Happen client Josephine Decker at Figment on Governor’s Island a few weeks ago and talked about the screenplay she wanted to make happen.

Last week, Josephine got in touch about applying the Make It Happen approach to something a little larger, namely the BP oil spill in the gulf.  Josephine has created a performance piece about the spill which is taking place this week, Tuesday June 29 to Saturday July 3, 2010 in Times Square.

The piece involves dancers balancing buckets of oil on their heads (okay, its actually blackened water since oil is toxic).  It also involves a Make it Happen element, with Josephine and her collaborators talking to pedestrians about what they can do about the spill, oil use, and climate change more generally.

Can individuals really make it happen for the environment?  Does changing our personal habits work, or do we need to make it happen at a larger level, by working on policy, industries, and big organizational cleanup projects?  Go to Times Square this week and talk about it with Josephine.  Make it happen, make us proud!!

Visit http://spilloversquared.tumblr.com/ for more details, and check out

http://www.youtube.com/spilloversquared for video from the event

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MIH at Figment, Governor’s Island

We made it happen again, at Figment on Governor’s Island, Saturday June 12.

The range of clients and projects was fantastic, and somewhat different from our previous outings at Flux Factory and the Lost Horizon Night Market. Whereas those events were at night and attended mostly by artists and party people, Governor’s Island attracted a more diverse audience, including some downright normal folks.

But everyone has something that they want to make happen, and Saturday’s attendees were no exception.  Things that people wanted to make happen this time around included:

– Becoming the skippers of a ship and sail in open water.

– Being a more disciplined actress.

– Reviving a business.

– Having more shared experiences.

– Finishing a film.

– Finding a partner.

– Making thanksgiving dinner in a stone house for friends and family!

– Finishing a film script.

– A prototype to redefine the transfer of knowledge and save the world.

– Mission statement for a theater company.

– Love!

It was a truly inspiring, energizing day.  In fact we were so involved with people making it happen that we neglected to take any pictures of our cozy porch in Nolan Park.  So if you’ve got photos, send them to us at makeithappen.tm@gmail.com.

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Make it Happen at Figment, on Governor’s Island

Make It Happen is happening again!  Join us on Saturday June 12 on Governor’s Island at Figment, an annual celebration of creative culture.

We will be Making it Happen on the porch of a lovely old house in an area of  Governor’s Island called Nolan Park.   We’ll be there from noon to 5PM, Saturday only.

See you there!

These ladies made it happen on Governor's Island!

Photos stolen from Governor’s Island Preservation and Education Corporation

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Make It Happen 2

The Make It Happen team officially announces its next iteration:  We will be holding Office Hours at the Lost Horizon Night Market on the evening of Saturday May 8, 2010.  The Lost Horizon Night Market is an evening of brilliant and strange things that occurs periodically in an undisclosed location.

Please email the Make It Happen facilitators  and we will inform you of the time and location.

Extremely special commemorative talismanic objects will be provided to any and all former Make It Happen clients who joins us on May 8.

May 2010
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
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16 17 18 19 20 21 22
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30 31

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Not entirely satisfied clients Make It Happen!

The lovely and brilliant Joann of UpDownAcross addressed and assessed what happened when she did not make love happen on Friday night.

“I didn’t make it happen, nowhere close…”

Can not making it happen count as making it happen?  Make It Happen has yet to develop a position on not making it happen.  But like Samuel Beckett, we suspect there may be value in failing a few times.   It’s a great way to warm up to making it happen later.  As the playwright wrote, “No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”  Make It Happen counsels patience and persistence in all endeavors.  We remain confident in Joann’s ability to make it happen.  Also, we look great in her pictures.

Please draw inspiration from a bust of Samuel Beckett made out of fimo clay.  Way to make it happen.

Fimo Samuel Beckett by Jutta @ flickr.

No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

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Dream. Commit. Achieve.

Are you having trouble achieving your goals?  Do you have big dreams, but lack the tools to reach them?  The experts of Make It Happen are here to help!  We are creating a home office/workshop/laboratory that provides you with the advice and the necessary tools to make that one thing happen in your life that you have been fantasizing about. No more procrastinating: Make it Happen.

Visit our workshop at Flux Factory on February 19th from 8pm until 12 am.  Flux Factory is located at 39-21 39th Street in Long Island City, New York.

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